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Baby news!

Hi All,

I’ve been seriously off of the blogging front I know, but I’ve had a bit of a distraction……. I’m pregnant with baby number 3! 

I’m 16 weeks pregnant and have been feeling horrible with morning sickness and a variety of other pregnancy complaints but I’m hopefully on the up now as I’m move further into my second trimester. 

My two little boys are very excited and are enjoying talking to ‘Baby Belly’. Chris my husband is madly looking at car websites as our poor magna just isn’t going to fit 3 kids and car seats. We’ll be very busy come February next year with Finn starting school and baby number 3 arriving and Macauley being at home without Finn during the week for the first time….. wish me luck.

So that’s news. Now, back to the stamping!




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  1. Congratulations again Carolyn! Stay well and keep on cooking that bun in the oven!

  2. I am so pleased for you! I had been wondering if you were still posting. Take care and look forward to more great publishings when you are feeling much better.

  3. Congrats Carolyn! Hope all goes well. TFS the fab news!


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