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Couple of cute snaps from Convention

So many great things about Convention and Stampin Up! I wasn’t sure how I would go taking my 3 month old baby with me, but I needn’t have worried… between my wonderful friend Jo, who traveled with me to give me a hand and all the lovely ladies during the days who offered to help me… I couldn’t have been in a more warm & friendly environment. Even the CEO of the Company Shelli Gardner took Archer for a walk when he was unsettled so I could hear the rest of the tutorial!! What a lovely lady.

Here I am with the amazing ladies that I ‘roomed’ with. Leonie Shroder, Donna Calley, Lisa Ryder, Jo and myself and Archer in my arms. This is taken at the Gala Awards Dinner on the last night of Convention. Congrats to Leonie and Donna for picking up their awards. Super nice people, Lisa cooked a roast for us all one night and then had chicken soup in the slow cooker waiting our arrival back at the apartment after the first full day!!! Leonie was quick on the yummy coffees – thank goodness, because unfortunately the apartment had two false alarms go off in the middle of the night! Boy, were we all tired the next day. Funny though, some ladies brought their card swaps with them the second time. We were so looked after… thank you girls!! Looking forward to next year.

More convention posts to come!

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  1. Oh Carolyn it was such a pleasure to room with you guys. Archer was such a good baby – I think I only heard him once during the night and then i drifted off again. No wonder we couldnt have a table for us for the dinner – they didnt want all the beauty in one spot ;0)


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