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Last orders before Christmas..? Wedding update.

Have you been naughty or nice? What’s going to be under your tree for Christmas?

Well, if you would like it to be inky and stampy then it’s time to put your order in!!! Remember all of the mega December Frenzy Specials and Summer Mini Catalogue and save some cash at the same time!  So send me an order today….  I’ve got an order I’m putting in myself tomorrow….. so nows the chance to get your goodies in good time for Christmas.


Thought I should also catch you all up on my sister Glenys’ wedding… It was a really wonderful day and Glenys and Mick looked amazing. My little boys Finn and Macauley did a great job as paige boys and they were sooooooo good and sooooooooooo cute! *sigh*

Here are a few photo’s

The first is my cheeky two oldest boys – Macauley and Finn at my Mum’s before the wedding… very excited.

It’s REALLY hard to get a good family photo with everyone looking good… this was the best of the lot I’m afraid. Finn, Me, baby Archer, hubby Chris and Macauley….. oh and new hamster ‘Stonewall’.

and the stars of the day…… my beautiful sister Glenys and my new brother in-law Mick. Congrats guys.




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