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Teddy Bears Picnic Birthday cake – Happy Birthday Archer!!

Hi  All,

No stamping in this one folks so if you’re not interested in 1st birthday cakes – I promise the next post will be back to cards as usual.

Archer’s first birthday was on Sunday and we had a party all based around the Teddy Bear Picnic theme. (I’ll post the invites I made ect asap)…… Here is the cake I made!! Everything but the flowers are my handy work.

The bears are made of white fondant icing with some cocoa powder kneaded in. The picnic rug is hand painted with food colouring and the little cake and plates are made by hand too. The ‘grass’ is coconut mixed with food colouring on a layer of chocolate icing.

We’ve named the bears – Archer bear, Finn bear and Macauley bear….. and I just can’t ‘bear’ to eat them…. so I’m not real sure what do do with them now that the cake is well and truly eaten. Suggestions?

Here are a few photos of the birthday boy and his proud mum.

Now that the party is over…. back to stamping!

xx Carolyn


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