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Sponges and Daubers

I’m a bit of a fan of sponging the edges of my cards and projects. Just LURV it…. and as my regular stamping friends would know – my second big love in this paper craft world behind stamping is ORGANISING!! So I’ve put together my love of stamping, sponging, organisation AND my little boy Macauley and what do you have????? BLISS!

I’ve got a bit of a collection of Stampin’ Up! sponges (that I always cut up into 1/4’s or even more) and daubers… because of holding classes over time, I’ve found that I often have 4 Chocolate Chip daubers and lots of others that I can’t identify. I’ve got busy and organised my sponges & daubers by enlisting Macauley to wash and dry them and then I’ve named them all. Now as I need a new sponge or dauber I grab my Dymo labler and make a label straight away. It’s great.

Here is a bit of a photo tutorial by Macauley on how we went about washing the sponges and Daubers.

The used sponges and daubers.

Here is Macauley (he’d just had a bit of a melt down and was just recovering from a bit of a cry). He’s showing us the ink filled sponge about to go for a dip in the sink.

Multi tasking and much happier 🙂

Drying the wet washed sponges in the sunshine and waiting patiently. Note that the sponges still a bit coloured but can now be used with another colour without messing up the new inkpad as most of the ink has been washed out.

The finished washed and labeled sponges and daubers. I’ve actually taken this to the next level since these photos and I now used the same coloured cardstock on the label that I’m going to use to ink the sponge with eg a Chocolate Chip coloured label attached to the sponge which I use for Chocolate Chip ink. So as usual, I’m always trying to find the ultimate organisation for stamping. 🙂

Happy Stamping everyone,

x C


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