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Mum’s Scrapbook Layout 1

A friend of mine said “You know what your doing (scrapbook for my Mum’s 70th birthday) takes some people years to do and you want to do it in just a few weeks??”……. and you know what, she was right. It was a crazy, bite off more then I can chew situation. In the last few days I put in some 3.30am and 2am nights and all day sessions, just to be able to present it to Mum on her birthday which was last Thursday. I’m very happy to say – I DID IT!! Woohoo!!

Now in reflection there are things I would have done differently. Things that I would like to add to and do over. Time was my enemy but also my friend. If I had had more time I would have spent more time procrastinating. Lucky for me Mum is coming back to Adelaide in a few weeks (so I can attend Stampin’ Up! Convention – Yeahar!) and if she finds room to pack the scrapbook, I might be able to tweak a few bits and pieces.

Here my first ever scrapbook page. I’ll post more now and again.


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