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Sew Suite Card Making Class- Mothers day/Feminine cards

I have a confession….. I really wasn’t very happy with the card I’ve previously posted for my next card making class. It just wasn’t ‘singing’ to me. SO… when I sat down to create the other two cards for the class…. I just went a head and designed 3 new cards!!

These are the cards we’ll be making next Wednesday.

Just LOVE this colour!!

At the class we’ll be using a pink bow instead.

How cute is the Sew Suite stamp set??? And Yellow Buttons!!!! Wowsers trousers!!

My morning class is busy but I still have room in the evening class at 7.30pm if you would like to join us and have a lovely handmade Mothers Day card this year. Wouldn’t she LOVE that???

xx Happy Stamping.



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  1. Love all of these cards…Love the whole sewing theme, so sweet. But most of all i love it when you say “wowsers trousers” for yellow buttons x


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