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and the winner of the Mystery Hostess Party is………..

Yesterday we had a great time at the Mystery Hostess Party at my house. After a tally of the day’s sales the hostess benefits were AMAZING! A Hostess Stamp Set AND $120 worth of FREE PRODUCT!!!!

Here is my helper Macauley picking the winner.
all the names in the hat of the ladies who spent $40 or more ……….

about to pick the winner……..

and the winner is…….

ANITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anita is at home as we speak with catalogue in hand picking her wonderful products!!! Congratulations Anitia.

The other winner of the day was Mandy who took home a lovely stamp set as the door prize and Janene who booked a party at her house and took home the Party in a Bag (cute shopping bag filled with Muffin mix, Coffees and Party Invites etc)!!

If you would like to be the Hostess and collect a whole heap of free products why not get a group of friends together and book me for a party at your house. That way you’ll definitely be the Hostess!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated.

I’ll post some photos of our Strength and Hope make and takes asap.

xxx Carolyn







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  1. How cute Macauley looks so important and cute. Mum and Dad.


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