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Happy Birthday Baby Boy! Sesame Street Punch Art

Hi All,

Yep, it happened. My 3rd little baby boy ….. isn’t a baby anymore. *sob*. Archer turned 2 a few weeks ago and it was a bit of a sobering moment for both Chris and I. I mean we’re super duper pooper done with the baby caper but at the same time it was a real milestone to know that we’re never doing ‘baby time’ again. Anyways, we’re over it now (Chris more so then me – I’ll still cry at the drop of a hat looking at baby photos).. but of course I HAD to make THE card and THE birthday cake. Take a look…

First the Card. How much fun is this Sesame Street Punch Art card? I did a bit of surfing on the web and put together bits from lots of different peoples take on Sesame Punch Art. I just love Cookie Monster.

Here is my birthday cake. Now Archer loves 2 foods more then all others…. chocolate and icecream. So how could I deny him? Voila…. Echidna  Icecream cake.

Here is the birthday boy… enjoying he’s bbq dinner at his little party. Happy Birthday Archer Lee Bennie. xxxxx

Happy Stamping,

x C


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  1. You will have babies in the house again when you are a granny some day. And then you get to love all over them and call their mother in when a diaper gets dirty! 😉

    I had to look up what an Echidna was when I read about your cake. Being a North American I thought it was a hedgehog of course. Australia has cornered the market in strange and unusual beasts!


  2. What punch did you use for the characters… what size?

    Adorable card!! and boy!!!


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