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Convention Canberra 2012 in review – finally. :)

I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks since Canberra Stampin’ Up! Convention. I had such a wonderful time and I’m sad it’s over (maybe that’s why I’ve been avoiding blogging this one?). Still, the one good thing about Convention being over is the planning and excitement for the next one….. Brisbane 2013 May 23rd to 25th!!!

By the way, I’d get a cuppa if I was you, this is a long post.

I think the very best thing about this year’s Convention was getting to share it with two of my beautiful downlines and members of my team the Midnight Inklings- Lisa Roberts and Natalie Ewart. Seeing the whole thing through the eyes of first time Convention attendees makes it even MORE exciting. Here we are at the Awards Night Dinner…. we scrub up alright don’t we? 🙂

I’m getting a bit ahead of myself though ….. best I start at the beginning. I HATE FLYING!!!! But I refuse to let that stop me enjoying life, so I fronted up to the airport ridiculously early and got the worst part of the weekend over with. Here is the death trap ,  I mean plane, I travelled in.

Once I arrived in Canberra I was picked up from the airport by my wonderful friends and roomies Angela Sargent, Alisa Tilsner and Darlene Wyatt. After some ‘precision driving’ 😉 we hunted down some late night dinner and I was able to pick up my Convention bag at the final minute…… and oh, what a fab bag it is. SO many pockets and it fits on the top of my rolling craft back PERFECTLY! I’ll post a photo of that soon. Here is Alisa Tilsner modelling my bag.

and the inside……

After lots of talking and catching up we went to sleep… late. Not to worry, Darlene and I had a great sleep and when I eventually turned over and checked my phone I was HORRIFIED to find it was 9.30am and Convention had already started and we were late for swapping. After a few expletives, a very quick shower and no breakfast consumed, Darlene and I found ourselves and Nat and Lisa at the National Convention Centre. We also met then one of the most lovely and lively ladies you’ll ever hope to meet, the delightful Alison Barkley *wave* (hello Alison). We also checked out the very exciting Memento Mall …

Now it doesn’t look very busy does it? This was like the calm before the storm, the following photo was taken the next day on a ‘quiet’ moment in the Mall…

There was SO much pretty things to see…. check out a very small selection of these wonderful sample cards and 3D items.

All the sessions on the Main Stage, Breakout Sessions and classes were great. I’ve come away inspired creatively, in my business and for me personally. The feeling in the Main Stage is electric and the fantastic WOW presentations by my fellow Demonstrators just blow my mind. It’s hard to imagine where they get all of these wonderful ideas from.

Singing? Yep, these are the very talented girls from the Demonstration Support Centre. Great voices.

The gals waiting for the session to start.

On Friday night Nat, Alison and I went to the optional ‘I Am Creative’ class. All I can say was it was fantastic but thank God for Natalie Ewart otherwise I would have got nothing done. I think about 2 weeks of Convention of preparation caught up with me and I was useless. Thank you Nat!!!!!!!

There are so many things announced  – not least of all the increase of our annual Catalogue of an extra 30 pages and further alignment of it’s release to the US Catty – so we’ll have almost everything they have now and sooner then ever before. Also next year the Grand Vacation (previously the Incentive Trip) is to the Stampin’ Up! home office in Utah USA – which is sort of like the ultimate in all stamping trips. The other goodies I’ll let you know as soon as I can. 🙂

Of course a personal highlight for me was winning the Stampin’ Up! Convention Commercial Video Competition for the second year in a row. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.   It’s been really lovely hearing everyone’s reactions. I’m so happy to have given folk a good laugh. Thank you for your comments and especially the wonderful reaction that the crowd gave when my commercial was shown on the day on stage. *blush* A very special and biggest thanks goes to my amazing husband Chris, who puts up with me insisting on doing this for the last couple of years and then having to edit and act in it too! Not to mention he really gets nothing out of it… of course he is always welcome to use my stamping desk, lets face it, it’s close and handy in the bedroom!! LOL.

Here I am with some of my stamping buddies:

The Dream Team. My wonderful friends Alisa Tilsner, Natalie Ewart, me, Lisa Roberts and Angela Sargent. Such a fun bunch of chicks! Where on earth is Darlene and Alison though???!!!! Up at Momento Mall again? 🙂 Big Congrats to Alisa and Angela on their amazing achievements this year. They are a true inspiration.

This is some past roomies of mine who I never get to spend enough time with. Lisa Ryder and Leonie Shroder. *mwha*

The lovely Juliann Williams. An absolute doll I met on my very first Convention and I love catching up with her every Convention and Regionals here in SA.

and finally my lovely friend Nicole Derendorf.

I think this might just be my favourite Convention yet. Which is great news as that means they are just getting better. If you’d like to join in the fun next year, I’d love you to join my team and make the trip to Brisbane with us.

A last little photo…. after we all parted ways on the last day I had a few hours on my own before my death trap  plane home, I found something VERY exciting at the local Target…….SQUEAL!!!!!!  Breaking Dawn Bella and Edward!!!!

Yep, I’m a Twilight Tragic. Hehehehehehe!!!

Happy Stamping,

x C


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  1. Great blog post Carolyn!! It was such an awesome Convention….and I’m so glad I finally got to meet you!! xxxx

  2. Carolyn,
    I finally took a moment to watch your SU commercial. It cracked me up! I love the part at the end when your dog was up on the counter just eating out of the pot! My husband (who sits across the desk from me at work) kept looking at me funny because I was laughing at your commercial. Great job!

  3. Carolyn, I absolutely love your commercial…it is funny cause it is true!! You are a natural love love it.


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