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The birthday that never really started but took forever to finish!

Hi Everyone,

A few weeks ago it was my littlest babies birthday. Yes, Archer turned 3! He’s been talking about it for weeks and we’d been really looking forward to his ‘Wiggles Party’. Well things didn’t go so well…. the day before his birthday he became super unwell with gastro and spent the day laying on my lap hardly playing with his new toys at all. 😦 We held out hope he would rally for his party by the weekend but as the time loomed we realised he just wasn’t going to be well enough and we had to cancel… well post-pone. Hard concepts for a 3 year old and his brothers of 5 and 8 to understand – but considering, they took it really well. So the cake that I had been up until 2am making the night before was put in the freezer, the decorations left hanging for a week and they party was shelved while the little man recovered.

A week later …. a week of illness and  a 3 year old asking almost hourly when he’s party was and we finally got to party day. 12 children, party games, slip n slide, party food and party bags and we got to the end of the birthday that never really started but took forever to finish.  Everyone had a blast – especially Archer. Yeah!!!!!

But what about the card I hear you ask????  I love making special cards for my childrens’ birthdays – usually they tell me what they want and being a MASSIVE Wiggles fan you can guess what Archer wanted right? Yep The Wiggles.


I’d love to tell you exactly how I made this but I have to admit I kinda winged it using every punch I have and trimming with my scissors!!!! and don’t ask me why the wiggles have afros LOL.

Then of course I had to make a Wiggles cake….. this is what I came up with .. and yes I handmade the Wiggles with fondant….



and a close up of that sleepy fellow Jeff…


and finally one of the birthday boy Archer. Happy birthday my little man. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Happy Stamping everyone.

x Carolyn


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  1. Super cake Carolyn! The wiggles you made for the cake are gorgeous. I used to make fancy cakes when my kids were small. My youngest is nearly 11 so we are mostly past the novelty cakes. I have kept them simpler for the last few years but as long as there are lollies on it, my youngest, Sam is happy.

  2. I don’t know which is cuter, your son or the cake you made. Adorable, both of them!


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