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My visit to Stampin’ Up! Home Office Riverton

Hi Folks,

Here is a little more from my adventures on the Grand Vacation to Utah – in particular one of the most amazing moments of the trip, a visit to Stampin’ Up!’s Home Office in Riverton.

To any Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator the chance of going to Home Office and seeing where it all “happens” is just like all of your Christmas’ coming at once. I have to tell you, I wasn’t disappointed.



When we arrived at Riverton Home Office the staff had all turned out to cheer and clap for us. It was amazing and very emotional. Surprisingly so actually….A few teary moments.




This is what what the office looks like from the outside – wow right??!!




And when we entered the building this is what we found!!! Yay!!! The welcome mat had very much been rolled out for us. Loads of love back at you Stampin’ Up! staff!!!!


Then for the grand tour.

A variety of rooms have been set up for displaying Stampin’ Up! products and just purdy uses for all things Stampin’ Up! LOVE !












Hehehe…. Can you read what the little fella is saying? This was in the Demonstrator Support department.


Lots of humour everywhere. Hehe.



Shelli’s office. Perfect – of course.


Resident Artists. I took SO many photos of these desks. I just adore craft desks and craft organisation so I’ve been zooming in and taking lots of notice of these work places and getting lots and lots of ideas. Can you IMAGINE the pure bliss of crafting and getting paid for it… oh, hang on, that’s MY JOB!!! 🙂


Yep, we got to look in LOTS of crafty draws. ooooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhh,



Every single colour – yes please.


Guess what? The brown box paper is now bubble wrap in the US. Stock up on that brown paper folks.



Look at all those boxes of crafting goodness.



The picking line…. orders received and picked by hand. It’s really very cleaver and well thought out process.




Stampin Up! treated us all so brilliantly. I feel so lucky to have had this amazing opportunity.


IMG_3210 - Version 2

Another update soon on my visit to the Manufacturing facility by a guest blogger.

Happy Stamping,

xx Carolyn


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