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About me

Hi, my name is Carolyn Bennie.

I live in the Adelaide Hills with my wonderful husband Chris and my three beautiful boys, Finn (9) and Macauley (6) and Archer (3).



This photo is taken celebrating my ‘big birthday’ at our families favourite place – the beach.

The first time I saw Stampin’ Up I was hooked!!! I made one card and then I joined up as a demonstrator. Why? Well aside from getting a 20% discount on every product I purchase,  I’ve been looking for a hobby for many years and this is the first one that ticks all the boxes – creative, artful, able to start and complete my project in one sitting (with three children  9 and under – essential!) and I can fund my hobby by sharing it with others. I’ve also discovered something very unexpected…. the simple joy of sitting with a group of women and doing craft together… just like women have done since the dawn of time and somehow, we’ve lost track this pure pleasure.


I hope you enjoy my blog and my adventures in exploring the world of Stampin’ Up!

Happy stamping & Live life in the Sunshine. xxx

Carolyn Bennie


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