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Sketched Birthday & Weekly Deals…………and Moo Moo is back!


Moo Moo is back!!! This was an AMAZING day in the Bennie Family. Moo Moo is my middle son Macauley’s very special toy that he’s had since he was a baby. One day late last year we realised that Moo Moo was gone. I mean really really gone. At first we thought he’d just fallen under the bed or was in a toy box but after a few weeks when he didn’t show up we all started to get worried. I turned the house upside down looking for Moo Moo, I would have brilliant idea in the middle of the night and be found digging through the linen cupboard (was he trapped inside a fitted sheet???) and to be honest the kids room got a super big clean out as I crawled under beds and riffled through wardrobes. But to no avail. Moo Moo was just plain gone.

Life without Moo Moo was hard. Macauley was in tears when Moo Moo missed Christmas and then our summer beach holiday – the pain of loosing this little fella was very hard for a loving 6 year old. I was a mess too…… I hated seeing my little man so sad. So after a lot of Googling I found another New Moo at a toy store in Queensland. Macauley was excited to have a ‘New’ Moo and the order was placed.

So with ‘New’ Moo now taking pride of place in Macauley’s bed we tried to move on and hoped that one day Moo Moo would come back to us – but to be honest I thought he was never going to come back, perhaps he somehow had been thrown out 😦 . Until………… My oldest son Finn was playing in the sand pit outside and let out a huge shout  “MOO MOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Yep, Moo Moo was found under a bush at the side of the sandpit. After us all dancing the happy dance,  Moo Moo was carried straight into the laundry and washed, and washed, and washed, then washed with fungal wash three times and scrubbed.

Below is a photo that shows pure happiness…….


Now Moo Moo AND New Moo take turns in Macauley’s bed at night and life is peaceful and happy for my little man again. But you might ask how did Moo Moo find his way out to the sandpit…….. see below the culprit ………

Fudge our 3 year old cavoodle.

Here she is looking very guilty watching Moo Moo in the washing machine. How do I know it was Fudge? Well that fact that the very next day I found her burying Moo Moo in a pile of the (now clean) washing AND just yesterday I could hear Moo Moo’s bell as Fudge carried him down the hall way!!! So naughty!!! While it would seem Moo Moo and New Moo have a stalker we now have to be put them up high every day for their own protection. LOL.

Now for a bit of creative inspiration. I made these two birthday cards using the Sketched Birthday stamp set for a couple of kids birthday parties my boys attended. Lots of sponge daubing and a little watercolouring made me very happy.


Which colour way do you prefer? I love this set as it’s great for adults or kids. It’s a stamp set that gets a big all round work out not just a few images. I’ve also used the fab paper stack from the Occasions Mini Catalogue -Fresh Prints designer series paper. It’s really good value with 48 sheets of 11.4 x 16.5cm paper. There are 4 of 12 double sided designs so you have lots of different designs to mix and match.

I think I like this one on the left but I’d love to hear your thoughts.



New weekly deals are out today…. just click on the picture below to take you to my online store and order. These deals will only last until next Tuesday. The Heat tool special is fantastic and I love my Beautiful Butterflies Bigz Die!! Don’t miss out.

Thanks for popping by.

Happy stamping

x Carolyn




Superman Punch Art – A Super Hero 4th Birthday


Calling all Super Hero’s – it’s a 4th birthday party!!

Yes it’s been a busy week of partying, birthday festivities and even injuries at the Bennie household and today is the big day –  it Archers 4th birthday. I just can’t believe he’s really 4 and even though I know he’s not a baby anymore, he’ll always be my baby right?  🙂

**WARNING** – This is a ‘get a coffee’ post folks – it’s a longen….. Read on for party photos and injury updates…

Archer’s Super Hero birthday party (which we held last Saturday) has been a year in the making; in that Archer has spent hours and hours talking about what sort of party he wants and changing his mind over and over and over again. A Star Wars party, dinosaur party, Batman party -it’s almost changed on a daily basis. Finally (thankfully) we settled on a Super Hero party.

I was excited about a Super Hero party for lots of reasons, great party games, great cake making potential and of course…….. fun Punch Art Superman. YAY!

So below is a layout of the punched pieces prior to me putting my Superman together. As you can see I’ve used the Extra-Large Oval Punch #119859 $29.95 for the body, arms & legs and the briefs. I’ve used the 1-3/4″ Circle Punch #119850 $29.95 for the head and hair, the 2-1/2″ Circle punch for the cape (reloading it in to the punch to cut out the bottom bit). I’ve then punched a few smaller circles  and made a few free hand cuts to. I also have a confession. I can’t remember how I made the boots…. yup, I must have been in the throws of creativity and now I’ve been looking at all my punches and I can’t work it out. I do know whatever the original punch I’ve reloaded it in to the Full heart punch #119883 $29.95 to create the top of the boots and cut off the bottom to make the toe section. So if anyone can work it out what the original punch was- PLEASE leave a comment and let me know. Hehehe.


So here he is – so cute. So so cute.

I’ve Sponge Daubered little rosy cheeks with Blushing Bride coloured ink and used a black marker for his eyes. I’ve also sponged all around the outside of the body pieces to give him a bit of a 3d look. I free handed the S for Superman.


The Stamp sets used are:

A Fitting Occasion for the sentiment # 131952

Perfect Pennants #133230 for the star background and the spots too.

I’ve used a retired ‘4’ Die and then applied Crystal Effects to the top to give it a bit more Kaboom.


SOoooooo… the cake.  I do love to make my kids special cakes so I can usually be found in the early hours of the morning prior to the party making some crazy huge themed cake. I found one I liked on Pintrest (love Pintrest – make sure you check out my Pintrest page there too) and then went crazy. My kids don’t really like the taste of the fondant that can be used to decorate with so I’ve used butter icing for the blue sky and then just fondant for the clouds and buildings and removed them for eating. While I’ve made cute little figures before for other cakes out of icing, I’ve found that the kids really like to have a toy that stays with them long after the cake is gone, thus the bobble headed Superman.


We had a blast at the party. We created a ‘Super Hero Academe’  for the 7 little 4 & 5 year olds that attended – with my husband acting as the Super Hero Instructor and me running around making the magic happen behind the scenes. They started at the front of the house all dressed in their costumes and were given their instructions on becoming a Super hero and their empty Super Hero bag (party bag) which they filled up along the way with chocolates, balloons etc etc


They had to crawl through scary tunnels and then dangerous spider webs….


Have a super fly over the city to check for villains……


Then practise their Spider Man web shooting skills on some nasty ‘big brother’ villains hiding in the bath tub… (oh man there was a lot of silly string in the bathroom after that – thanks for cleaning that up Trish).


They had to detonate bombs – (don’t panic just stomping on balloons), scare bad guys with super bubble blowing devices and make their own special super masks (Yes, I had to get some paper craft in there somewhere).

So all in all they had a HUGE time. Was I tired after????? OH YEAH!!!!

And for the injury?? Well with an hour before the party to go I could be found laying on the floor in the kitchen feeling all faint with my hubby desperately trying to stop my thumb from bleeding. Seems ‘someone’ (hubby Chris) had put a broken coffee mug in the rubbish bin and not wrapped it up – but don’t worry I found in while pushing down some paper- the hard way. Ouch! Of course the show must go on and with 7 little kids about to arrive all costumed up and ready to party there was no time for stitches. I have to tell you though it’s been making crafting a little tricky but I think its on the mend now.


So thanks for popping by and reading this really long post. I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment and swing by my online store or send me an email if you have any questions.

x Carolyn


Color Me Christmas – Stampin’ Up! Christmas Cards for kids






My 6 and 9 year old sons wanted to give Christmas cards this year to their school friends. Now I know from experience that kids usually get a Chrissy card, rip open the envelope and throw it in their backpacks never to be seen again. With this in mind I knew I need to do something a little bit different. 

The Color Me Christmas Stampin’ Up! Stamp Set – wood mount #131742 $35.95 & clear mount #131745 $28.95 is a great one – well worth buying now ready for next years kids cards. I bought the little coloured pencil sets from a cheapy shop and used the great value Seasons of Style paper stacks #132181 for colour and some spotty fun. 

Tip: Why not use clear envelopes (#102619 $8.95 for 50)? Shows off your special card keeping it protected and glossy. This way the card may even survive the backpack journey home. 😉

Now the kids will have a fun project to colour and pop on the mantle at home. 



Of course my boys didn’t get away with me doing all the work – they each had to write the names and ‘love from’ bits themselves. They enjoy being ‘Stamping Boys’.

Remember the Blitz continues… new products are being added all the time so make sure you check back.ecard_ClearanceRackBlitz_EN

x Carolyn 

Arrgh it be me Pirate Stampin’ Up! Thinlit Die card


Arrggghhh!!!! Hello Maties!!!

Shiver me timbers! My 6 year barnacle-covered little jim lad had a birthday party to go to this week with a Pirate theme. I’d been playing with my new Stampin’ Up! Thinlit die and got an idea for a Pirate card using thee die that worked out well I think.

Watermarked Image





Image 1

Sail ho! What do ye think? Ahoy! I’d love to hear yer feedback so please leave a comment with yer thoughts.

Ahoy! Thar be two different Stampin’ Up! Thinlit dies available. I’ve used thee Circle Thinlit die here in me Pirate card. Order 24/7 with my online store.  or email me matey


Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 2.16.31 PM

Alas! Tis time I go. Thanks for popping by. I promise I wont talk like a pirate in my next post! 😉

x Carolyn

Owl Punch Art Class – Bring a friend & receive a Free card kit



Here are the cutie cards we’ll be making at my Owl Punch class Thursday 17th…. that’s just next week.   School goes back and it’s time for me to get my craft on.

I have a fab special this month too. Bring along a friend that hasn’t attended one of my classes before and you & your friend will receive a FREE card kit to take home with you. 


Watermarked Image


Here are the details:

When: Thursday 17thth October

Where: Balhannah, Adelaide Hills – South Australia  (address details emailed to you on booking)

Time: 10am until 12pm  or 7.30pm until 9.30pm

What’s included: 3 cards made using Stampin’ Up! Owl Builder Punch & Tea, coffee and cookies.

Cost: Total class cost is $20 which includes all supplies, use of tools and refreshments. Remember I have a ‘Bring a Friend’ class special. Bring a friend who hasn’t attended one of my classes before & you and your friend will receive an additional card kit for you to make at home.


How to book in: Send me an email or call/txt me on 0401 857748


*Bookings are essential as all cards are cut into kits for you’re your convenience 2 days prior to the class.

Love to see you there. It’s going to be easy and lots of fun.

x Carolyn

Tip & Casing Disclaimer – please note while these cards are my own creations they have been heavily inspired from a number of other cards found on Pintrest. – not just one so I can’t name the artists unfortunately.

I made these cards when I wasn’t feeling 100% and my design mojo was failing me. I needed help and ‘casing’ as it’s known in the stamping world or ‘coping’ as you might refer to it is widely accepted and encouraged in Stampin’ Up! as a way of inspiration and creativity.  Why not try this yourself? Go casing crazy – but if you copy completely one particular card and put it on the internet it’s good manners to give credit to the original artist.

Stampin’ Up! Owl Punch – Baby Shower Scallop card tutorial

Stampin’ Up!’s Owl Punch has to be one of the most used punches I own.  There are countless ideas and creations that can be made with this one punch. Who would imagine that a punch of an owl could be so useful!  Today I’ve made baby clothes out of the owls’ vest.

Back story – My beautiful oldest niece is due to have her first baby in November and yesterday her mum (my big sister), family and friends gathered to give her a baby shower. Fun occasions baby showers. So much love, hope and well wishes heaped on the mum to be. I hope she had a great day and wasn’t too tired after. 🙂

I wanted to make a special card for her. Something a little different and colourful. We don’t know if it’s a ‘Great Niece or Great Nephew’ (Oh my goodness that makes me feel SOOO old!!!!!) so I thought I’d stick to gender natural colours. Here it is….

Tutorial : How to make a circular card out of one single piece of cardstock and have a hinge.

This is the Scallop Circle Bigz die…..

Image 6

Here I’ve put a piece of pre-cut white paper over the top to show you where the blades are underneath the foam of the die… this is the shape achieved when cutting with this Scallop Circle die.Image 2

Fold a piece of card stock and score folded edge. Trim cardstock 14cms by 13cm or a little less. Place the ‘top’ or scored edge of the folded cardstock so all but 4 individual scallops are exposed.

Image 4

Sandwich cardstock and die between acrylic cutting plates and roll through Big Shot Die cutting machine.

Image 3

Here are the two pieces of cardstock after rolling through Big Shot. Note the flat top of the round scallop shape – this is the hinge.

Image 5

When you open up folded cardstock you will have your card base ready to stamp and decorate.

Image 1

Helpful Hint: Faux stitching. I love the look of stitching on a card but did you know you can have the look without pulling out your sewing machine? You just need a Paper-Piercing Tool and a Stampin’ Up! Pierce Mat (I’ve used the Festive mat pack) to pierce little holes in a circle boarder shape. The mat pack helps to get a nice even pierced pattern. Then take a Uni-ball Signo Gel Pen and draw between every second set of holes, making sure that you run the pen right into each hole. It doesn’t have to look perfect as stitching isn’t perfect and imperfections makes it look more realistic.

Stampin’ Up! Products used in this handmade card:

Cardstock: Very Vanilla #106550 $14.95; Crumb Cake #121685 $11.95; Early Expresso #121686 $11.95

Designer Series Paper – Birthday Basics #130145 $18.95

Stamps: Teeny Tiny Sentiments – wood mount #130042 $63.95 & clear mount #120024 $50.95 

InkAdhesives: Black StazOn #101406 $16.95; Uni-ball Signo Gel Pen #105021 $6.95

Punches: Owl Builder Punch #118074 $29.95 images

Tools: Big Shot Die-Cutting Machine $149.95, Circle Bigz die #113468 $34.95; 3-1/2″ Circle Originals die #121811 $29.95

Accessories: Stampin’ Up! Designer Buttons $13.95

Want to make this project? Click here to go to my Stampin’ Up! Online store now! 

Want to make everything? Click her to join me as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and receive your Stampin’ Up! products at 20% off!

Or email me if you have any questions.

Happy Stamping & Live life in the sunshine. :)

x Carolyn Bennie

Stampin’ Up! Storybook Friends and watercolour


I was asked to make a card for a little girl in my son’s class who’s family is moving to France for 6 months. I was thinking if I was a little girl again what colour would I like to get a card in??? Well my answer was pink, pink, pink and pink. So that’s what I did. 🙂

How easy but super effective is this card?  I just cut strips of 1cm cardstock to the full width of your card. I’ve used my Stampin’ Up! Grid paper to line up my first strip of pink cardstock to make sure it’s straight.  I used my trusty Tombo Multi Liquid Glue which because it takes a couple of seconds to set –  I get a bit of wiggle room to make sure the card strip is level before it sets.

Stampin’ Up!’s stamp set Storybook Friends is a treat to watercolour. I do cheat a bit with my water colouring – by using the Stampin’ Up! watercolor paper the job is almost half done for me because it’s by far the best watercolour paper I’ve ever used. Make sure you use StazOn ink when you stamp your image. I used my Stampin’ Write Markers to colour by just adding a tiny bit of colour to the edge and then using the Stampin’ Up! Bender pens to move the colour around – gradually ‘pulling’ the bit of colour on the edge of the image out in little circle motions – this helps give the light to dark effect. Design Tip: draw an outline around your image in a contrasting colour. I’ve used Blushing Bride here but often I’ll use Sahara Sand or Basic Grey. It gives a shadow effect and makes your image pop. I’ve then punched out the little bunny I used with the Extra Large Oval punch.

A few Rhinestones from the Rhinestone Basic Jewels and some Bakers Twine and we’re just about done.

Image - Version 2

Stampin’ Up! Supplies:

Stamp set: Storybook Friends – Woodmount #132079, Clearmount #126737

Cardstock: Real Red #119981, Melon Mambo #119980, Crisp Cantaloupe #131303, Pink Pirouette #116203, Whisper White# 106549

Ink: StazOn #101406,

Stampin’ Up! Write Markers: Basic Grey, Real Red #100052, Blushing Bride #131265

Stampin’ Up! Accessories: Extra Large Oval punch # 119859, Rhinestones #119246, Bakers Twine  Cherry Cobbler# 123125

To purchase any of these items from me click the Shopping Guy below to shop at my online store.


Happy Stamping & Live each day in the sunshine,

Carolyn Bennie xxxx

Your Stampin’ Up! Australia Independent Demonstrator

Pokemon Pikachu Punch Art – Love that 1″ Stampin’ Up! Circle Punch!


My baby turned 9 today!! I just can’t believe I’ve been a mother for 9 years! Finn loves Pokemon and I thought he might enjoy a Pikachu card (one of the characters from the Japanese based cartoon).  He did and he said he had his very best birthday ever and cried when it was time to go to bed tonight as he’s birthday “went too fast”. I just loved cuddling him on the couch – he’s getting so big and yet still so sweet and beautiful. I just adore him.

Back to card making – I’ve been thinking about how much I use punch art lately – especially for kids cards and I’ve discovered I really enjoy it. Punch art is creative and the kids get a kick out of seeing their favourite tv shows, cartoons or movies in a handmade card.

It’s all about the punches – and for this Pokemon Pikachu card I’ve used one of my most versatile and most used of my Stampin’ Up! Punches – my 1″ Circle punch   for the eyes and cheeks.  It’s really a must to have a nice selection of circle punches – you’ll wonder how you’ve managed for so long with papercraft without them.

Card stock: Daffodil Delight, Basic Black, Whisper White and Primrose Petals.  

Punches: Builder Owl Punch, 1″ Circle Punch, Small Oval Punch.

Accessories: Oval Framelits (to make ears – run through twice, cutting ears by 2/3rds in second run through). Black Marker.

Contact me today to ask me any stamping questions. I love hearing from you. 🙂

Happy Stamping & Live life in the Sunshine.

xx Carolyn

*** I forgot to mention I originally saw a different version of this card on Pintrest that was a direct inspiration for this card. Here is the original design.…and-fairy.html

Boo! Say goodbye to ‘Tiny Tags’



Boo! to you. 🙂

My 6 year old had a birthday party to go to today and he’s a boy who knows what he likes… and today he wanted me to make a ghost card. This one is so easy but really effective. It also gave me another chance to use one of my very favourite stamp sets of all time – Tiny Tags. What a truly useful set… a MUST have. Check out my Online Store (click on cute shopping dude below) now and get your hands on any catalogue products and the Retired list …… after 30th of June it will be gone for good. *gasp*


Card Menu

Stamps: Tiny Tags

Ink: Basic Black

Card Stock: Basic Black, Whisper White

Accessories: Top Note Bigz Die, 1″ Circle punch, 1/2″ Circle punch, 3/4″ Circle punch, Small Oval punch and Large oval punch. Cute Clips-Thought bubble.

Happy Stamping.

Remember – Live each day in the sunshine.

xx Carolyn

Two by two – Watercolour baby card




Hi Folks,

Here is a little card I made for some dear friends of mine who had their 3rd little baby girl recently. I’ve been so excited about giving this stamp set ‘Two by Two’ a go as I love to watercolour and colour in general. I had lots of fun using my watercolour pencils which are now sadly retiring. *sad face* but I suppose this will just give me more opportunity to play with my markers and blender pens!! A silver lining in every cloud.




Here is the stamp set ‘Two by Two’#126788 and at only just $15.95 its a bargain! Click on my shopping trolly over to the left to go to my online shop and purchase yours any time 24/7.

It’s school holidays here at the moment and I’m just loving spending some time with the boys and really relaxing. Hope you’re well wherever you are. *wave*

I have lots of stamping specials in points of interest coming up in my next post……. 🙂 Exciting times at Stamping Up!

Happy stamping,

x Carolyn



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