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Superman Punch Art – A Super Hero 4th Birthday


Calling all Super Hero’s – it’s a 4th birthday party!!

Yes it’s been a busy week of partying, birthday festivities and even injuries at the Bennie household and today is the big day –  it Archers 4th birthday. I just can’t believe he’s really 4 and even though I know he’s not a baby anymore, he’ll always be my baby right?  🙂

**WARNING** – This is a ‘get a coffee’ post folks – it’s a longen….. Read on for party photos and injury updates…

Archer’s Super Hero birthday party (which we held last Saturday) has been a year in the making; in that Archer has spent hours and hours talking about what sort of party he wants and changing his mind over and over and over again. A Star Wars party, dinosaur party, Batman party -it’s almost changed on a daily basis. Finally (thankfully) we settled on a Super Hero party.

I was excited about a Super Hero party for lots of reasons, great party games, great cake making potential and of course…….. fun Punch Art Superman. YAY!

So below is a layout of the punched pieces prior to me putting my Superman together. As you can see I’ve used the Extra-Large Oval Punch #119859 $29.95 for the body, arms & legs and the briefs. I’ve used the 1-3/4″ Circle Punch #119850 $29.95 for the head and hair, the 2-1/2″ Circle punch for the cape (reloading it in to the punch to cut out the bottom bit). I’ve then punched a few smaller circles  and made a few free hand cuts to. I also have a confession. I can’t remember how I made the boots…. yup, I must have been in the throws of creativity and now I’ve been looking at all my punches and I can’t work it out. I do know whatever the original punch I’ve reloaded it in to the Full heart punch #119883 $29.95 to create the top of the boots and cut off the bottom to make the toe section. So if anyone can work it out what the original punch was- PLEASE leave a comment and let me know. Hehehe.


So here he is – so cute. So so cute.

I’ve Sponge Daubered little rosy cheeks with Blushing Bride coloured ink and used a black marker for his eyes. I’ve also sponged all around the outside of the body pieces to give him a bit of a 3d look. I free handed the S for Superman.


The Stamp sets used are:

A Fitting Occasion for the sentiment # 131952

Perfect Pennants #133230 for the star background and the spots too.

I’ve used a retired ‘4’ Die and then applied Crystal Effects to the top to give it a bit more Kaboom.


SOoooooo… the cake.  I do love to make my kids special cakes so I can usually be found in the early hours of the morning prior to the party making some crazy huge themed cake. I found one I liked on Pintrest (love Pintrest – make sure you check out my Pintrest page there too) and then went crazy. My kids don’t really like the taste of the fondant that can be used to decorate with so I’ve used butter icing for the blue sky and then just fondant for the clouds and buildings and removed them for eating. While I’ve made cute little figures before for other cakes out of icing, I’ve found that the kids really like to have a toy that stays with them long after the cake is gone, thus the bobble headed Superman.


We had a blast at the party. We created a ‘Super Hero Academe’  for the 7 little 4 & 5 year olds that attended – with my husband acting as the Super Hero Instructor and me running around making the magic happen behind the scenes. They started at the front of the house all dressed in their costumes and were given their instructions on becoming a Super hero and their empty Super Hero bag (party bag) which they filled up along the way with chocolates, balloons etc etc


They had to crawl through scary tunnels and then dangerous spider webs….


Have a super fly over the city to check for villains……


Then practise their Spider Man web shooting skills on some nasty ‘big brother’ villains hiding in the bath tub… (oh man there was a lot of silly string in the bathroom after that – thanks for cleaning that up Trish).


They had to detonate bombs – (don’t panic just stomping on balloons), scare bad guys with super bubble blowing devices and make their own special super masks (Yes, I had to get some paper craft in there somewhere).

So all in all they had a HUGE time. Was I tired after????? OH YEAH!!!!

And for the injury?? Well with an hour before the party to go I could be found laying on the floor in the kitchen feeling all faint with my hubby desperately trying to stop my thumb from bleeding. Seems ‘someone’ (hubby Chris) had put a broken coffee mug in the rubbish bin and not wrapped it up – but don’t worry I found in while pushing down some paper- the hard way. Ouch! Of course the show must go on and with 7 little kids about to arrive all costumed up and ready to party there was no time for stitches. I have to tell you though it’s been making crafting a little tricky but I think its on the mend now.


So thanks for popping by and reading this really long post. I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment and swing by my online store or send me an email if you have any questions.

x Carolyn


The birthday that never really started but took forever to finish!

Hi Everyone,

A few weeks ago it was my littlest babies birthday. Yes, Archer turned 3! He’s been talking about it for weeks and we’d been really looking forward to his ‘Wiggles Party’. Well things didn’t go so well…. the day before his birthday he became super unwell with gastro and spent the day laying on my lap hardly playing with his new toys at all. 😦 We held out hope he would rally for his party by the weekend but as the time loomed we realised he just wasn’t going to be well enough and we had to cancel… well post-pone. Hard concepts for a 3 year old and his brothers of 5 and 8 to understand – but considering, they took it really well. So the cake that I had been up until 2am making the night before was put in the freezer, the decorations left hanging for a week and they party was shelved while the little man recovered.

A week later …. a week of illness and  a 3 year old asking almost hourly when he’s party was and we finally got to party day. 12 children, party games, slip n slide, party food and party bags and we got to the end of the birthday that never really started but took forever to finish.  Everyone had a blast – especially Archer. Yeah!!!!!

But what about the card I hear you ask????  I love making special cards for my childrens’ birthdays – usually they tell me what they want and being a MASSIVE Wiggles fan you can guess what Archer wanted right? Yep The Wiggles.


I’d love to tell you exactly how I made this but I have to admit I kinda winged it using every punch I have and trimming with my scissors!!!! and don’t ask me why the wiggles have afros LOL.

Then of course I had to make a Wiggles cake….. this is what I came up with .. and yes I handmade the Wiggles with fondant….



and a close up of that sleepy fellow Jeff…


and finally one of the birthday boy Archer. Happy birthday my little man. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Happy Stamping everyone.

x Carolyn

Batman Punch Art – Happy 5th Birthday

Hi All,

I’m a bit slow on my posts from Convention and the birthday party the week before. Life is sure busy…. I only feel like I’m ever so slightly catching up now on being away for Convention!  Convention post to follow soon….. promise.

This is the Birthday card I made for my 5 year old….

I found this card online that was my inspiration

From that card I thought about the punches and oval Bigz Dies I had a was able to use my Word window punch a the smallest Oval shape to make this Bat…. I was a bit chuffed about it . I just folded the oval in half and made a few select punches and one little snip with my scissors for the ears. I’ve also used the retired Sanded background stamp on the Basic Grey card stock to give a metal look.

Below is the Indoor Camping party set up in our lounge room…. it’s a bit dark but that was the fun bit. Don’t panic, the ‘campfire’ is just a fan with some night lights wrapped in cellophane. Hot dogs were eaten, Games played and of course…..

CAKE EATEN!!! This is the Tent Cake I made with my three little boys coming out of the tent. Macauley is the one in the green hat, Finn is the one next to him and Archer is the little fella peeping out the side of the tent. The logs are chocolates with a candle in the middle to light.

And here is the Birthday Boy Macauley (and little brother Archer checking out the cake). The kids had a massive time and poor Chris and I sure enjoyed a glass of wine after all the party-goers had gone home and the cleaning up was done.

Happy Stamping,

x Carolyn

7 year old Birthday Cake – Star Wars Lightsaber cake

Hi All,

I’m off to Stampin’ Up! Regionals at the Convention Centre today…. a really exciting day of stamping, learning heaps of new techniques and just having a whole heap of fun chatting with other demonstrators. A real highlight of the stamping year. I’ll be back with the low down on how my day went soon. Until then, here is a little belated post on my oldest son Finn’s 7th birthday party and all important cake.

Finn has hit the ‘Star Wars’ faze (much to the joy of my hubby who loves Star Wars too) and therefore a Star Wars cake was in order. This is my attempt at a Lightsabor Cake.

And a close up of the handles….

Not long after was book week.. and you guessed it…. Finn wanted to dress up at a Jedi….. so I got busy making costumes this time…

So there you go…. a very happy boy.

Back to stamping on my next post. Lucky for me the next birthday cake isn’t until next February!! xxxx C

Hot wheels 4th Birthday Cake

Hope your weeks going well. I got a couple of hours in of stamping today – so I am SOOOO happy and contented. Thank goodness for Archer finally having one big day sleep. Happy days. 😉

It was my little boy’s 4th birthday last week and he’s party was on the weekend. As usual…. I HAD to make him a birthday cake that he would LOVE. So here is this years effort.

Each of the kids at the party got to pick a car to take home. Of course Macauley picked the one on the top of the cake. He was very excited about the whole thing. Makes it all worth while.

Back to stamping next post.

Happy stamping,

Carolyn. xx


Teddy Bears Picnic Birthday cake – Happy Birthday Archer!!

Hi  All,

No stamping in this one folks so if you’re not interested in 1st birthday cakes – I promise the next post will be back to cards as usual.

Archer’s first birthday was on Sunday and we had a party all based around the Teddy Bear Picnic theme. (I’ll post the invites I made ect asap)…… Here is the cake I made!! Everything but the flowers are my handy work.

The bears are made of white fondant icing with some cocoa powder kneaded in. The picnic rug is hand painted with food colouring and the little cake and plates are made by hand too. The ‘grass’ is coconut mixed with food colouring on a layer of chocolate icing.

We’ve named the bears – Archer bear, Finn bear and Macauley bear….. and I just can’t ‘bear’ to eat them…. so I’m not real sure what do do with them now that the cake is well and truly eaten. Suggestions?

Here are a few photos of the birthday boy and his proud mum.

Now that the party is over…. back to stamping!

xx Carolyn

6 year old boy Choo Choo birthday card

As usual things have been super busy for us all lately. I’m so happy it’s finally school holidays and I can catch up and take stock for a few weeks.

Last month it was my oldest sons 6th birthday!! He is the most pure hearted and joyous boy you’ll ever come across and he makes my heart sing. The biggest joy in his life is his love of trains. So…. how could I not buy the ‘Choo Choo’ train stamp set and the matching ‘Right on track’ wheel??

This is the birthday card I made  using these sets and was really happy with the result. I forgot to take the photo of the inside before I wrote in it… so I’m afraid you get to read my soppy birthday greeting too. 😉

AND now ….  to the excitement of the birthday cake!!! I was super sick at the time so I’m not thinking this is my best effort… but under the circumstances it’s wasn’t too bad.

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