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I’ve just got to show you my new op-shop find!!

Today’s been crazy around here. Fridays sometimes are as I’ve got both my littlest boys at home all day – no kindy, no childcare!! So we often find ourselves on a walk around to the happiest place on Earth – the Balhannah Op Shop. Yep, we love it. A lot of shopping therapy for very little $$. This time I was on the hunt for something for my stamping desk…….. and I FOUND IT!!!

But before I show you that I need to tell you about a surprise love of mine. Tombo glue. I’ve been making lost of things for our school fair (I’ll have lots of info on this in a future post) and me and Tombo Multi Glue have become one. It’s easy to use, goes a looooooooooooong way and is reposition-able  – so when you’re centring your layers of cardstock, you have some time before it sets. The only thing is, where to put it on my desk? I’m always needing it and I don’t want to have to put the lid back on after every application. Now for the solution:

Isn’t that little jug the cutest little thing??? I love my op shop!!!!  Problem solved.

Now here is a photo of Tombo Multi Glue in action:

So as you can see, I’ve not used very much and I can guarantee once set, that cardstock isn’t going anywhere…. and the best, Best thing – it’s only $7.50 plus p/h.

I’ll be back in a few days with some new cards….. but in the mean time I’m organising my babies 2nd birthday!!! OMG Archer is turning 2 on Monday. *tear*.

Happy Stamping,

x C

Carolyn’s Craft Room

Hi Everyone,

Now I love organization almost as much as I love stamping! So when I get a chance to slink off to my craft desk and do a bit of tiding and re-organization, I can loose hours. My craft desk/room is still a work in progress, but I thought I might give you a sneak peek into one of my favourite spots in our house… stamping desk! It’s not alway tidy and it’s not always easy to get to (the kids seem to locate me even when I’m hiding) but it’s simply my ‘happy place’ when I finally get to sit there for a few hours.. time, worries and stresses just seem to disappear.

So here it is… now a few pointers.

See how I have the Stampin’ Scrub (black cleaning mat) open at my work space? I have it there so I can clean my inked stamps straight away and put them back in their containers and then the set away. This way my work spaces doesn’t get too messy. I get a bit muddled if the desk is too crazy. It’s so easy to  be busy making your project and suddenly find you’ve used every stamp set you own and now have a mountain of stamps to clean before you can start making a new project…. sound familiar? I can’t say I’m always perfect at cleaning straight away 🙂 .. but having the Stampin’ Scrub out and ready does make it so much easier.

The white board that’s propped up against the wall has Ikea rails screwed to it which makes a fantastic punch rack and the baskets holds lots of ribbons, adhesives etc etc etc

On the right hand side of my desk have have a spot for my Big Shot – my favourite tool of all time.  I’ve also set up my sewing machine to start putting stitching on my cards too. Of course my printer and underneath I keep all my catalogues and workshop supplies.

The filing cabinet is full of hanging files of cardstock. Each colour has it’s own file. I have the full size pieces loose in the file and any scraps (I keep nearly everything above 1cm square) in a plastic sleeve. It’s close to my work space and just below the ‘cutting’ space so the card stock is in easy reach and any excess can be put back straight away. I lurv my filing cabinet.

So I’d like you to meet my beautiful Stampin’ Write Markers and Aqua Painters…… yum yum yum…. I’ve recently added all of the new Colour Renovation Colours and they make me so VERY happy.

Now I really need to find a better storage method as standing them upright isn’t ideal. The need to lay on their side so both ends have ink reaching them. I’ll just have to keep looking for that perfect storage.. until then my gorgeous lady bird mug will have to do.

And now to a sneak peek. This is the latest stamp to get inked on my desk…. and we are going to be best friends. These little girls are from ‘The Nicest Things’ stamp set. They are challenging me as I’m being very ambitious and adding lots of different colours and I need to be very mindful of the colours bleeding into each other. I’ll keep you posted on the end result.

And lastly… this is the view I see of my cottage garden from my stamping desk.

Happy Stamping everyone.

X Carolyn

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