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What happens at one of my Midnight Inklings Team Gatherings???


Have you ever wondered what happens at one of my Midnight Inkings Team gatherings?? What do those ladies talk about and do??? Well of course you’ll have to come along to one if you really want to know ‘exactly’ but I thought I’d share the photos (there is a lot!) of the last gathering.

I wanted to do something special for my beautiful team so I made a special Easter display to inspire and reward them.

This is the final set up of my show and display table.


Midnight Inklings Stampin' Up! Team gathering

I was a busy girl in my Stamping room for a few days prior to the Friday night gathering making these cute little milk bottle and goodie bags  (Stampin’ Up! style). Love my Stamping room *bliss*

Midnight Inklings Stampin' Up! Team gathering

Midnight Inklings Stampin' Up! Team gathering


What makes a goodie bag a bit more Easter….. a bunny tale!

Midnight Inklings Stampin' Up! Team gathering


Now you know there had to be some chocolate in those bags …… and a few Stamping goodies too.
Midnight Inklings Stampin' Up! Team gathering


Midnight Inklings Stampin' Up! Team gathering


These little punched out butterflies are really elegant – but great for a wedding too. Just a Whisper White cardstock punched out butterfly with a tiny Glue dot underneath.
Midnight Inklings Stampin' Up! Team gathering


So I might have eaten a lot of these little M&M crackle eggs before they got into the bottle……… *blush*

Midnight Inklings Stampin' Up! Team gathering I found some foam eggs on sticks at the local cheapy shop and dipped them in glue and then the Silver Glass Glitter. I used some Stampin’ Up! thread so all the colours matched – so very Stampin’ Up! … everything has to match right??


Midnight Inklings Stampin' Up! Team gathering


With all of the food and Cranberry punch…. ready for the girls!!!!!
Midnight Inklings Stampin' Up! Team gathering

Midnight Inklings Stampin' Up! Team gathering



Here they are!! Some of my AMAZING team. We had a great night… we even got some stamping done and lots and lots of chatting. Next month is Pizza and PJ’s team gathering – message me if you’d like more info on becoming a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator in my team. I can send you information via email or post. 🙂

Midnight Inklings Stampin' Up! Team gathering

Of course I couldn’t go without making a little something for my boys to make them feel special too….. so here they are having their afternoon school treat  (chocolate eggs) with a butterfly on their drink straws as well. Such cuties. Mwha.

Midnight Inklings Stampin' Up! Team gathering


Happy Stamping.

x Carolyn


A goal realised – Stampin’ Up! Managers Reception Invitation

A wonderful Invitation arrived in the post a few days ago – An Invitation to Stampin’ Up! Australia’s Leadership Day and Managers Reception. Not only was it gob-smakingly beautiful (those folk at Stampin’ Up! really know how to make things so perdy) but it was the realisation of a goal of mine – to be come a Manager in Stampin’ Up! and to attend the Mangers Reception in May 2014…………. and I did it!! Managers Invitation Stampin' Up! Australia

As some of you might know, since July last year I’ve been on a journey with Stampin’ Up! that continues to astound, challenge and reward me. While I’ve been a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator for 5 years and loved every minute of it,  back in July I decided to really see what I can do with this business and it’s now my main business focus. The first goal I set was becoming Manager and in January I achieved it. Receiving this invitation makes it all feel very real.


I can’t wait for May!! I’ll make sure to take lots of photos and show you what it’s all about. In the mean time if you would like to reproduce something like this invitation the following products will help you get the look. Click on the product photos and head to my online store to have them shipped directly to you, call me on 0401 857748 or email me direct.

Now……. for the next goal………. earning the Grand Vacation to Hawaii 2015!
Happy stamping my friends,

x Carolyn

My Stampin’ Up! USA holiday with the ‘This and that Journal’

I’m so excited to bring this project to you. Last year I was very lucky to be able to attend the USA Stampin’ Up! Convention and the South Pacific Stampin’ Up! Grand Vacation as a guest of my dear friend Angela Sargeant. For 10 wonderful days we toured Utah and then Las Vegas and had the most amazing time.

Of course through out my journey I collected all sorts of pamphlets, ticket stubs and photographic memories. Now in the past after a holiday I’ve not really known what to do with these little bits and pieces but this time I knew that I’d be making a ‘This and that Journal’. The ‘ This and that Journal’ or sometimes known as ‘smash book journaling‘ is a really great way to document your every day life or a special event or holiday with or personal anecdotes, photos, bits and pieces, drawings – really anything. It’s very personal and EASY.

Now those who follow my page know I’m not really a scrapbooker but I really enjoyed the process of this style of record keeping. The unstructured layout really appeals to me and I know it will be a book that I go back to and relive my travels over and over again through out the years.

I wanted a very USA feel to the cover. The I’ve just tied the ribbons on the the spiral binding and I love the texture it gives. The Epic Day This and That Stickers and Washi tape have played a really big role in the cover and throughout.


I’ve popped in my very Australian swap card at the front and a photo I love of Angela and myself with the masses of other US Demonstrators behind us at SU! Convention. Was an exciting first day.


The ‘This and that Journal‘ comes with some pockets for you to pop things to read later. Here I have a map of Salt Lake City and some little love notes I left for my little boys to read if they got sad without Mum (I’m please to say they had such a lovely time with their Dad and Grandma they didn’t have to read them until I got home and we cuddled on the couch all afternoon).


Here I’ve used some Stampin’ Up! paper clips to add a pamphlet to the spiral binding – this way I can turn the pamphlet like a page and still open it up to read it. IMG_4539

I’ve left plenty of space for journaling (which I’ve added after the photos were taken) as my words and thoughts is what take this journal as a memory book to the next level. I love re- reading my diaries from my Husband and my back packing days prior to having children. I’m so glad we took the time to write those diaries an I know I’ll feel the same about my journal one day too. IMG_4540

Here is a menu from the welcome dinner on the Grand Vacation at Deer Valley Utah and a photo of the table setting. We were SOOOOO spoilt – Stampin’ Up! is really knows how to turn on a wonderful dinner. Again the menu is on paper clips (I’ve washi taped on the back a little to help it stay put), so I can flip it and add even more photos. I’ve also included a little flower that decorated out table gifts – yummy salted caramels. It also makes the journal more interesting then ‘just photos and writing’. IMG_4541

Finally I bought myself a very special momento of my US holiday and kept the ribbon to add to my journal and the little card too.
IMG_4542I have lots more pages of course but these are just a few to inspire you. I hope you liked them.

While some people take some glue and journaling markers with them to create as the go, some even have their journals in their handbags to have with them all the time to keep record of their daily life – I preferred to do it all at home in the quiet reflection of my craft room…. getting all misty eyed reliving the fun and laughs we had.

and do you know what I did when I finished?  Ordered another one!

Like to order your own? Just click here to visit my online store.

This and That Journal #131268 $18.95

Epic Day This and That Designer Series Washi Tape #131269 $8.95

Epic Day This and That Designer Stickers #131271 $8.96

So what do you think? I’d love you to leave me a comment – it makes my day to hear from you. 🙂

x Carolyn 

My visit to Stampin’ Up! Home Office Riverton

Hi Folks,

Here is a little more from my adventures on the Grand Vacation to Utah – in particular one of the most amazing moments of the trip, a visit to Stampin’ Up!’s Home Office in Riverton.

To any Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator the chance of going to Home Office and seeing where it all “happens” is just like all of your Christmas’ coming at once. I have to tell you, I wasn’t disappointed.



When we arrived at Riverton Home Office the staff had all turned out to cheer and clap for us. It was amazing and very emotional. Surprisingly so actually….A few teary moments.




This is what what the office looks like from the outside – wow right??!!




And when we entered the building this is what we found!!! Yay!!! The welcome mat had very much been rolled out for us. Loads of love back at you Stampin’ Up! staff!!!!


Then for the grand tour.

A variety of rooms have been set up for displaying Stampin’ Up! products and just purdy uses for all things Stampin’ Up! LOVE !












Hehehe…. Can you read what the little fella is saying? This was in the Demonstrator Support department.


Lots of humour everywhere. Hehe.



Shelli’s office. Perfect – of course.


Resident Artists. I took SO many photos of these desks. I just adore craft desks and craft organisation so I’ve been zooming in and taking lots of notice of these work places and getting lots and lots of ideas. Can you IMAGINE the pure bliss of crafting and getting paid for it… oh, hang on, that’s MY JOB!!! 🙂


Yep, we got to look in LOTS of crafty draws. ooooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhh,



Every single colour – yes please.


Guess what? The brown box paper is now bubble wrap in the US. Stock up on that brown paper folks.



Look at all those boxes of crafting goodness.



The picking line…. orders received and picked by hand. It’s really very cleaver and well thought out process.




Stampin Up! treated us all so brilliantly. I feel so lucky to have had this amazing opportunity.


IMG_3210 - Version 2

Another update soon on my visit to the Manufacturing facility by a guest blogger.

Happy Stamping,

xx Carolyn

Stampin’ Up! know how to reward @ the Grand Vacation – St Regis Deer Valley




I always say to my children – I love you more then coffee and chocolate! They know the magnitude of those words…. cause I sure LOVE coffee and chocolate!

Starbucks became my FRIEND in the States. The only place that I found which made coffee that made me happy. I wasn’t the only one I must say… the line up before Convention every morning was out the door. Wonderful service though – actually the whole of the service industry in the USA was AMAZING.  I really got used to it!!

We were lucky enough to be able to visit a taping of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on the Sunday morning before heading off to the Grand Vacation out of Salt Lake City. It was amazing… it’s a weekly recorded radio show that’s been running  since the 1929. Unexpected too as there was a couple of young performers that were modern and breathtaking.



So I want to tell you a little about the Stampin’ Up! Grand Vacation. Here’s Stampin’ Up!’s explanation:

Every year, Stampin’ Up! rewards the achievements of qualifying demonstrators with an amazing trip to an extraordinary locale where attendees participate in fun activities, relax in luxury, and-of course-stamp! Achievers also get to mingle with other successful demonstrators, build new friendships, and share business and stamping ideas. But what makes this trip truly special is that any demonstrator can qualify.

The qualification period for the incentive trip extends throughout the Stampin’ Up! year (April through March), with the qualification points resetting each new year. Those demonstrators who meet qualifications will be invited to attend the incentive trip, which will take place during the year following the earning period.

So a year or so ago it was announced that the Grand Vacation for 2013 was to Utah to the home of Stampin’ Up!. Stampin’ Up! was founded 25 years ago by Shelli Gardner and her sister and since then Salt Lake City Utah has become the place for Stampin’ Up!s Home Office and a number of hours away the manufacturing facility in a town called Kanab. For the Grand Vacation to be held in Utah was the Grand Vacation to end all Grand Vacations for most Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators as it’s sort of like our version of Disney Land. To be able to see when, where and how our products and the company we love is made and works was really something very special. More Demonstrators qualified for this incentive trip then ever before in Australia – 42 & each bringing along a guest!  Joined by Demonstrators & guests from Germany, France, the UK and New Zealand.

So 4 buses of International Demonstrators and their Guests began their 5 day Grand Vacation on the Sunday morning after SU! USA Convention was finished an traveled about an hour out of Salt Lake City up into the mountains to a resort  called St Regis Deer Valley.

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !!!!!!!!!!






This is the kind of luxury I could really get used to!

Stampin’ Up! had the run of most of the hotel and we even had our own suite for us to catch up with other Demonstrators and see what was happening for the day. Lollies and chocolates everywhere and constantly being refilled.









And then….. we got to go to our ROOM!!!! OMG!!!! Hello happiness!



The summer view out of our window of the ski run… can you imagine what that would look like in winter??!!


So I just had to share this ’cause its a bit cool… can you see the TV that’s inside the mirror??




Of course Stampin’ Up! had a little welcome gift for us in our room – some snacks to keep us energised. Cute stamping. 

Here is a shot of the welcome dinner on the very first evening. Magical.



So much attention to detail – would Stampin’ Up! do it any other way? The little blue box was salted caramel chocolates – just a tip for my friends and family I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! 






So many beautiful outside sitting nooks….. but look out, if you look cold the Hotel staff bring you out a blanket. 🙂





So how to end a magical day and evening? With a Stampin’ Up! pillow gift. Both the Grand Vacation recipient and guest got a lovely gifty on their pillow back at the hotel room….IMG_3115

Stampin’ Up! exercise hoodies!!!


More adventure deets to come soon.

Could you handle this kind of reward for working at a business that you love? Contact me today to join the Stampin’ Up! family – I’ll send you an information package. This could be you on a Caribbean Cruise in 2014 or Hawaii 2015.

Happy stamping and remember to live life in the sunshine.

xxx Carolyn


Salt Lake City Utah – Stampin’ Up! Convention 2013 – A trip of a life time begins





You know a lot can happen in a short time right? It wasn’t long ago I was posting saying I was about to leave to go to Utah as a guest of my friend Angela Sargeant on the Stampin’ Up! Australia’s Grand Vacation &  Stampin’ Up! USA Convention 2013 and now it’s almost 2 weeks since I’ve arrived back in Australia – and I’m still processing all of the amazing experiences and re-ajusting to life back home again. Gosh 5 star accommodation is a hard thing to give up!! Hehehe

I wanted to start to share with you some of the best bits of the trip by way of the photos I’ve taken, however the most amazing thing of any journey is the people and adventures you have. I left Australia with Angela my stamping buddy and returned home with a life long friend – truly the best part of my trip was the hours of traveling, shopping, eating and SO much laughter I’ve had with this beautiful lady. We also met the most fun and hospitable folks in Utah including the staff Stampin’ Up!, made friends with Demonstrators from all over the world including Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand. Not to mention strengthening friendships with our fellow Aussie Demos – oh my goodness there are some wickedly funny ladies out there!!

But as I can’t recount all of our adventures (and some I’ve been sworn to secrecy) I’ll just have to show you the photos instead. 🙂

Here am I on the flight out of Adelaide on my way to meet Angela in Sydney …. did I tell you I’m not a very happy flyer – but I refuse to let it stop me enjoying life. Still… I do look a little nervous right??



This is the beautiful Salt Lake City. Did you know that Salt Lake is where the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is based? These amazing buildings are the Mormon Temples visible from our hotel window. Just breath taking.

Does it look hot? YEP!! It was very, VERY hot and going straight from cold wintery Adelaide to the middle of the desert in summer in the US was a bit of a shock to the system. I’m sure missing that weather now though.

The whole town seemed to be happy to welcome Stampin’ Up!




This is the outside of the SLC Convention Centre… as you walk in the many doors a the bottom of this dome it triggers wooden chimes to start on the inside.


So this is a long line twisting around the hall ways of the Convention Centre…. folk  making their way into the starting session. Did I mention there were 6000!! or so Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators attending this year? The USA’s biggest yet maybe the result of it being Stampin’ Up!’s 25th Anniversary year of being in business.

This year was Australia’s biggest Convention too… we had 700 Demonstrators. Having now gone to both and LOVED both, I still think we’re very lucking in Australia as we have a lovely intimate Convention were we get the chance to catch up with friends and have a lot of time with the lovely US Stampin’ Up! staff.



I won a crowd prize (we call it Prize Patrol) on the very first day!! Happy gifty for me. 🙂 🙂 YEAH!!  Little did we know that EVERYONE would end up winning a Prize Patrol that attended – yep 6000 Prizes. The last 25 people to win, won EVERY STAMP SET out of the soon to be released Seasonal Catalogue!!!  How lucky were they???? OMG!!!

IMG_2912I like this photo of Angela and I…. just a few of the 6000 behind us.






The decorations were AMAZING.. and the displays PHENOMENAL.


I’ll post more photos of the displays in the next little while but here are a few to wet your appetite …






I also was lucky enough to meet some US Stampin’ Up! royalty :

Patty Bennett – so lovely




Tami White – sweet AND Stinkin’ Cute (seriously she is SO cute!!)IMG_2968

The oh so amazing Mary Fish




I also got to ‘sort of’ meet my ABSOLUTE favourite US Stamper Kimberly Van Diepen walking across the road. I know… It’s kind of weird stalking these ladies who are just like us – Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators, however they are a real inspiration and work so hard they deserve a bit of Fandom.

Have you had to get another coffee yet???? I know it’s a super long post but it’s fun I hope.

The Awards evening was inspirational. Some of the US and Canadian Demos are unbelievable with their achievements. So worth attending.

This photo is everyone heading to the ‘After Party’ once the awards were completed….. mind blown?


So Stampin’ Up! know how to put on a party!!! Acrobats…..



Cupcake girls …  I named Bad Cupcake girls IMG_3026

and Good Cupcake girl 🙂IMG_3022

said cupcakes!! Yummo!!


and whats a party with out party favours? Free 6 rolls of Washi Tape for all!!

Now I’d like to tell you we went straight home to bed….. but um NO!!! Guess what? Our Aussie Convention After party was such a hit this year that they bought in a band to rock out the US Convention After Party too!! So what self respecting Aussie couldn’t dance like crazy to the 80’s covers band? – and they just shouldn’t have played ‘ Land Down Under’…… we all did make a lot of noise…oi Oi OI!!  hehehe

So 3 days of US Convention finally, sadly came to an end. So many stamping goodies to bring home, business and creative learnings and memories to treasure.

Here is a shot off all the sparkly confetti falling from the ceiling at the end of the closing session.



Remember this little swap card I made?


These are all of the swaps I got in return……. I’ll give you a close up in the next while of a few really special ones.



I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please leave a comment if you did as I love to hear from you.

If you’d like to find out more about being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator as either a fun hobby or as a business opportunity click here , I’d be happy to send you an information pack.

Happy Stamping & Remember to Live Life in the Sunshine

x Carolyn

US Convention Swaps Koala Punch Art – off to USA today!

IMG_2862Hi Folks,

Well it’s been months in the planning…. and now I’m just hours away from flying to the USA to attend the US Stampin’ Up! Convention and then onto the Stampin’ Up! Grand Vacation!!!

I was just sitting here being a bit reflective,  thinking about the phone call that started all of this in motion and how out of this world it was to be invited to attend as a guest of Achieving Demonstrator my friend Angela Sargeant. I jumped around the room and went from being speechless to blabbering to my husband for hours. To attend  but one of these events is a dream come true but to be able to do both is just out of this world. I’m blown away by the gift I’ve been given. Thank you Angela… we’re going to have a blast!

With all SU! gatherings there will be an opportunity to swap cards with other demonstrators. A chance to meet, chat and get inspiration from others creativity. I couldn’t miss the chance to wade amongst the 6000 (yes I said 6000!) American Demonstrators who attend US Convention. I thought I’d do something that I thought the US Demos would enjoy.. so meet my little Koala. Couldn’t get much more Aussie then that right?

So Koala is a punch art little fella and a bit cute if I might say. I’ve also added a little ‘G’day Mate’ sentiment using MDS on some Naturals Ivory card stock. Here are the punches I’ve used:



If you’d like to follow me on my adventures to the heart of Stampin’ Up! in Salt Lake City Utah USA – I’d love you to follow me on my business Facebook page Carolyn Bennie – Stamping, Card Making and Papercraft…. click the Facebook button on the right hand column LIKE my page. I’ll be posting updates, photos and notes on what I see and do for the 13 days I’ll be away.

If you’d like to place an order while I’m away that’s easy too…. just click the little shopper man picture in the right hand column and that will take you straight to my 24/7 internet ordering page. Easy peasy shipped straight to your door.

At the moment I’m feeling a bit nervous and wobbly about being so far apart from my hubby and 3 gorgeous boys… I’m sure most of you would understand. But I know this is going to be one of the most AWESOME things I ever do, so I’m sure the nerves will fly away as I take off .

Live in the Sunshine.

Happy Stamping,

x Carolyn


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